(STARTING @ $49.99)

Every time your wheels rotate, your car’s metal ring and pinion gears are meshing against each other. This happens whether your car is front, rear or all-wheel drive. To ensure that these expensive metal components are well protected, it’s important to have the differential fluid checked and changed at recommended intervals.

  • Your vehicle should be serviced according to your manufacturer’s recommended mileage interval.
  • All existing fluid, dirt and contaminants are removed from your rear differential.
  • All drain and fill plugs are inspected for damage.
  • Your rear differential is refilled with a premium gear oil (AWD & 4WD Only).
  • Then, your transfer case is refilled with premium transfer case fluid (4WD Transfer Case Only).
  • And finally, your front differential is refilled with a premium gear oil (RWD Only).
Services:                                                          Prices Starting At:
  • Automatic Transmission Service                                             $119.99
  • Front (AWD and 4WD) Service                                              $49.99
  • Transfer Case (4WD) Service                                                  $49.99
  • Rear (RWD) Service                                                                  $49.99
  • Mobil 1 Synthetic Gear Oil                                                       $10.00
Warranty Info: 24 Months, 24,000 miles on all new parts & labor! Backed by Repair Pal