Poor alignment makes tires wear out faster, gas mileage go down and affects your control and handling. Service includes visual inspection of steering and suspension system, tire pressure and alignment angle adjustments.

Service Description

Your wheels perform best when they are lined up straight, but the common bumps, holes, and swerves of driving can make tires go out of alignment; so can aging shocks or struts. When the wheels are even a little bit out of alignment—less than you might be able to see—tires wear out faster, gas mileage goes down, and even your control and handling can be affected. The pros at EcoWash Automotive have the right tools and knowledge for perfect alignment every time.

Included in your service:

  • Visual inspection of steering and suspension components
  • Adjusting tire air pressure
Warranty Info: 24 Months, 24,000 miles on all new parts & labor! Backed by Repair Pal