Residential Window Tinting

Residential Window Tinting in Las Vegas
  • Each year, window tinting is becoming more and more popular and for a good reason – it has a huge number of benefits.
  • You can improve the appearance of your home and save up to 30% on summer cooling costs by making your windows more energy efficient. Residential window films could be for you! Residential window film not only protects you, your family and your home against 99% of UV rays, but they also reduce glare and make your home more comfortable throughout the entire year.


What are the benefits of residential window tinting?

The benefits of residential window tinting are:

  • Lower your summer cooling costs by as much as 30% .
  • Protect your furniture, fabrics and flooring against the damaging fading effect of the sun.
  • Eliminate 99% of the UV rays that enter your home.
  • Take advantage of our lifetime warranty against fading, cracking and peeling.
  • Strengthen the integrity of your windows- even if your glass accidentally cracks or breaks, the glass will still be held against the film.
  • Reduce glare from the sun in both summer and during the winter when the sun bounces off the snow.
  • Enjoy our professional grade scratch resistant coating, giving the films a long life.
Decorative & Privacy Window Film

Any window or piece of glass can be enhanced with our decorative or privacy window film.

Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Add privacy while enhancing the appearance of glass.
  • Allow almost all light to still enter the room. Most films add privacy while still allowing a large amount of light through.
  • Update and improve the appearance of any room or hide an unsightly view.
Residential Safety & Security Film
  • There are few things more important than the safety of your family. You can help keep them safe by using one of the industry’s highest grade security films on the market. Glass-Guard Security Films, which you can use in your home, are the same used by Homeland Security for bomb blast mitigation and used in high-risk areas by major manufacturers to protect their assets, machinery, and technology.
  • When applied to your home, the security film adds a new level of security to your home, slowing down or preventing break-ins altogether to your home. This virtually clear film holds the glass together by forming a strong molecular bond between the film and the glass. When the glass breaks or cracks, such as if it’s hit by a baseball, the film will hold the glass to the film due to the strength of the bond.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much energy will my window film really save?
    Installing Solar Control Film reduces the amount of solar heat entering your home or property. This results in lower cooling costs in the Summer. Determining the exact energy savings depends upon many factors such as cost of fuel, type of film installed, the thickness of film, type of glass and amount of direct sun exposure to name a few. However, the typical payback in terms of energy savings is 2-5 years. Sometimes more and sometimes less.
  • How do I maintain my windows, after having window tint installed?
    Do nothing for the first 30 days, and then simply clean your windows as you normally would. Avoid using abrasive materials that could scratch the film and if possible, use non-ammonia based window cleaners.
  • How long does it take for my window film to “dry”?
    Depending on weather conditions and the film type, it takes between 30 and 45 days for the film to fully dry. During this time, some small water bubbles may appear and your windows may become slightly hazy. This is normal and they will disappear as the film dries. Once completed, your window film will be virtually undetectable, looking and working great for many years.
  • Will solar window film kill my houseplants?
    Solar films will not harm your houseplants or anything else inside your home. In fact, solar window tinting will only IMPROVE your flooring and furniture from fading caused by UV rays and solar heat.
  • How long will my new window tint last?
    Our window films are made with only the highest grade raw materials which is why they last several years. The exact life of the film depends upon many factors like the climate, the type of glass, the thickness of the film and many more. However, most residential and commercial window tinting applications last at least 10-15 years.
  • Will my film turn purple and bubble?
    No. Solar control window films are metalized, making it nearly impossible for the film to change color. Over time, there will be some light fading and lightening, as any object constantly exposed to the sun’s rays would experience. However, it is much better for your film to fade than the interior of your house.
  • How is the window film installed?
    Window films are installed by a professional member of our team. They are designed to be installed on the inside of your windows or glass doors.
    The first step is preparation which includes thoroughly cleaning the windows and the immediate surrounding workspace. This could involve moving furniture, removing window treatments and protecting the flooring below.
    After this step, the film is sprayed with a specially formulated solution so the film can be properly positioned on the glass. A member of our highly trained team will form the film to the glass surface taking care to remove any excess water. The edges will be trimmed so it’s a perfect fit and the process will be completed with a final squeegee technique to ensure the film has been installed perfectly.

Warranty Information

We want to take the risk out of this decision for you which is why all of our security window films come with a manufacturer backed warranty. Most of our films will have a 10-year commercial warranty and a lifetime residential warranty which includes a 2-year glass breakage and 3-year seal failure warranty.

There are a few restrictions which we’d be happy to discuss with you:

  • Lifetime Residential Warranty on most films.
  • A Large variety of films approved for Double Paned glass.
  • 5 Year Glass Breakage / 3 Year Seal Failure warranty on most films.
  • Adds up to 99% UV protection to your windows with up 30% in energy savings.
  • Manufacturer backed warranty.