Security & Graffiti

Security Window films provide protection for residential, commercial or government properties. By blocking UV rays, deterring smash and grab robberies and preventing flying glass shards from causing injury during violent storms, Security & Graffiti Window Films offer increased protection for a variety of applications. No matter what line you choose from, Suntek, Huper Optik, LLumar, or MaxPro Window Films, rest assured that EcoWash Automotive Centers Certified Window Film Technicians will secure a perfect install every time! Keep your home, your business, your belongings, your family and your employees safe with Security & Graffiti Window Film.

  • Designed for applications where safety and security is a priority.
  • Excellent solar performance, including heat and UV rejection, as well as glare reduction
  • Superior optical clarity
  • Advanced adhesive formulation

Window Film Data Sheets

SuntekHuper Optik